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Data entry has created and perfected a unique system for all South Africans to earn money from home. We will give you access to a system where you will copy and paste given information into online forms. Just hit the submit button and start earning money by generating sales. 
Email: info@tissa.co.za (ask for a DATA ENTRY full information brochure)

2. My @Home Career / My personal Income Generator.

Welcome to My @Home Career / My personal Income Generator.. Whether you are looking for a job to earn a full-time income or just to earn an extra income to supplement your existing income, you have come to the right place! Our members are earning money with various types of jobs from the comfort of their own homes.

1. Global Data Entry Processing
2. Traditional Online Data-Entry Clerk
3. Transcription Audio Data Entr
4. Data Collection/Researcher
 5. Certified Field Auditor
6. Web Proof-reader Business
7. Content Article Provider
8. Blog Posting
9. Article Revenue Sharing
10. Response Typist
11. @Home Career Rep.

All you need to do is spend 1-4 hours per day doing the jobs available to you. It's possible to make R300--R1000 or more per day working from the comfort of your own home. These are REAL JOBS, and REAL INCOME OPPORTUNITIES. We guarantee 
our program to our team members, and offer
 complete support through the process
. We require NO past or special work-from-home-job or data-entry experience 
to be a team member of our program.

We place NO time restrictions on our members. We understand that people have many things going on in their lives. If you can spare an extra 45-60 minutes a day to start, that's all that's necessary for you to participate and to start making money working from home.

Once you've signed up with our team, you'll have instant access to our training and work-from-home job programs to start working immediately. We'll give you a complete job training program for every job we offer that will show you how to do the job task from start to finish. 

It is most important to note that once you're a team member, you NEVER need to spend any additional money, nor will you EVER find hidden costs.

*If you did not earn at least R4000pm with a valid effort within 60 days you will receive a

Email: info@tissa.co.za
(ask for a MY @HOME CAREER or "My Personal Income Generator" full information brochure)
3. Survey365
Complete online Surveys for Cash!

Welcome to Survey365, an income opportunity brought to you by a registered company since 2004. Team members of Survey365 earn money on a daily basis with various Paid Survey and other income opportunities. You do not need any QUALIFICATION or EXPERIENCE.

All our Team Members get accepted, GUARANTEED!

Our members make money 24/7, 365 days of the year!!
Complete Online Surveys for cash and/or get advance payment of
R4000 per month PLUS commission as an ACTIVE SURVEY ASSISTANT


Survey365 will provide you with many companies to choose from. Most of these companies are large reputable companies that are willing to pay you cash in exchange for your opinion.

 Most of the companies that we connect you with will send you the paid surveys through email or provide you with the survey online on their website so that you can quickly fill out the survey and get paid for it.

You can start immediately after you have signed up. Log in with your username and password to get access the companies and instantly start completing surveys for cash!

*You get a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & you can cancel your Survey365 membership at ANY TIME if you earned less than R12000 in your first 6 months after a valid effort.


Email: info@tissa.co.za(ask for a SURVEY365 full information brochure)